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The Life of a Musical Blonde

And what an interesting life it is.

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I'm a blue-eyed blonde who loves Jesus, her family, her friends, and a few famous males such as Elijah Wood, Ioan Gruffudd and Charlie Schlatter. I adore Broadway musicals, including and not limited to Jane Eyre, Sweeney Todd and Phantom of the Opera. Acting and singing are my life. I consider myself a friendly, caring, confident, and overall nice Christian girl. And you bet that won't change! I also, thanks to my good friend Catherine, appreciate country music.

I was an intern at the NYS Theatre Institute from January 23rd to June 7th, and performed with the incredible cast of Reunion directed by the totally cool Ron Holgate during May. I miss the whole company and interns very very much, and can't wait to see them all again!

I spent the month of July in New Paltz, NY as one of the 32 NYS students selected to participate in the 2006 NYSSSA School of Theatre. I miss and love my fellow NYSSSA grads, and am currently studying Theatre at SUNY New Paltz. It's a great place with wonderful people, and I've learned SO much about life and about myself so far. <3 College is great.

I love Diagnosis Murder, The Office, Whose Line is It Anyway, Raul Esparza and vanilla bean coolattas among numerous other things.

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