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The Life of a Musical Blonde

Friday, March 25, 2011

8:32PM - Writer's Block: No reservations required

If you could go out to dinner with a character from a current TV show, who would you choose, and why?

Timothy McGee from "NCIS"! We're both nerds, and he's such a cutie. :)

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

12:30AM - "ALTBD" is going out into the world.

Okay. The proposal for my original play "A Lot to Be Desired" is done and is going to be handed in to the Black Box Committee tomorrow. I am super-dee-duper nervous, as much as everyone is telling me that it will be accepted. I just want to fully produce it so badly!

But it's at a really great stage at the moment, I'm quite happy with the script, and I have got to thank an unconventional person for inspiring it...it's strange (though rather unsurprising right now), but the actor that jump-started the writing itself WAS Christoph Waltz. His voice as an actor and as a character is in it. He is and always will be Nikolai for me. In my dream world, if the story made it to Hollywood level, I would hope he would play the part. And, if she wanted to play German, Melanie Laurent might be a fantastic Adele! Cheers, you two.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

12:46AM - So...still in love with Colonel Hans Landa of the S.S.

Hello again, Livejournal! Okay, random. This is from a Basterds fanfiction on Fanfiction.net. I've scanned the first four chapters and it's actually pretty well written. It's an OC/Landa romance, which strikes me as kind of ridiculous (despite how I feel about Christoph), but I did like the girl's description of him here:

"Colonel Hans Landa of the S.S. was not particularly young, but nor could anyone call him old. In reading about him—he was, after all, one of the most dangerous of his kind; they called him the Jew Hunter for a reason—I'd learned he hailed from the Austrian Alps, was very well respected by German powers and soldiers alike, and was known for being extremely clever, extremely charming, and extremely merciless.

He had a strong jaw, full lips which spread into a devastatingly magnetic grin—with dimples—and bright blue eyes. Light brown hair with a hint of grey at either temple completed his disarmingly dashing appearance; seeing him in a uniform would make any girl under the Nazi banner swoon. He knew it, too. From what I'd heard, he'd never had a problem finding women in high places and helping them shatter their reputations."
-From "Playing Cruelty" by Imogen Kain

Also, the alias she made for the girl character (who apparently wants to kill him) is ADELE. WHAT. Same name as the woman in my play who repeatedly sleeps with a character I frickin' based off of his character. Yeah, I did put it on Story Alert...they could end up physically involved, apparently, so it could be entertaining if it's not overly graphic.

AH I'm the biggest nerd ever. <3

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

12:07PM - 'Toy Story 3'

Watch out, it's another new movie gush from yours truly! This time, it's 'Toy Story 3'!


This'll be shorter than my Star Trek one because I woke up way later than I thought I would (it IS Saturday, but I value my time) and I want to get outside on this gorgeous day....but okay then.

'Toy Story' was my first movie in theaters. Woody was my first movie love- I wrote about him in my diary as a 6-year-old (My exact words, as I look back in my diary, were, "I love Woody who came from 'Toy Story.'") As such, he and the story hold a very special place in my heart. The first one is so smart and funny and adorable, the second one I thought was even a bit more so of all three (although the first will always be the one that started it), but OH MY GOODNESS the third one.

First of all, it looked great- the animation has gotten better and better each time. The settings and characters were SO creative, and I just gotta point out the escape scene from the Daycare Center- who the heck comes UP with these game plans?! They've had one of those in every movie and they never disappoint. Also, I loved that the whole first scene is a combo of Andy's setups in his room, just enhanced! This last one really proved the 'Toy Story' movies know what they're doing with sequels and story arcs. It's made me so nostalgic for the old days of enacting grand adventures with my Barbies and Beanie Babies and Little Pet Shop on my bedroom floor, when life was simple.

This movie definitely stunned me though, in terms of the material. This was a DARK film. I mean, they almost get burned to death in the dump incinerator, and all just bravely hold hands as they are conveyed down into it? Hold it, man, that was heartbreaking and really, REALLY scary. But also just gorgeous, it's such an amazing moment in the friendship of these characters. And you know, I saw alot of people in the theater my age or a little younger, so I think that the creators were thinking of those of us who had been growing up with 'Toy Story', and knew we could handle it (parents with little kids should be cautious, though- I think if I were little, I would've been mildly traumatized). They also knew that the story of these toys needed a serious point of crisis where they all realize they may very well have hit the absolute end, and instead of panicking, they are just there for each other. As a family.

Yes, I am tearing up just thinking about it, and yes, I did cry twice during this movie. Once during that scene, and the second time when Andy is handing over his toys to Bonnie at the end. What a beautiful, beautiful scene, especially his moment with Woody when they almost slow-moed him giving Woody to Bonnie. And I adored how the two generations represented in Andy and Bonnie played with the toys together one last time, then before he drove away to college, he looked at them and said, "Thanks, guys." SOB.

The whole 'Toy Story' saga just has such great lessons about sticking together, taking things as they come, knowing that transitions in life happen and things end, and new things begin. And that the truest friends will always be there for you. I'm choking up again, oh boy. I was kinda skeptical when I first saw the preview for this movie, but I'm so glad they made it and did such an incredible job of wrapping it all up.

And I will always love you, Woody, even as the Elijah Woods, Ioan Gruffudds, and Robert Downey Jr.s of the world come along!
You're still my favorite sheriff! :)

Everyone, SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

7:20PM - Musings

I am currently crying hysterically about a main character dying on NCIS. I just started watching this show two weeks ago. I know I get attached to fictional people really easily, but this is just ridiculous. There's something else going on here....

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Friday, May 14, 2010

4:24PM - Writer's Block: Mind reader

In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

Too many things.

Monday, May 3, 2010

10:52PM - Writer's Block: Pet central

Some animal rights activists are fighting to replace the term 'owner' with 'guardian' to convey a more balanced relationship between a person and her or his pet. Do you agree or disagree with the importance of this mission?

Well, I guess it kind of makes Biblical sense, since we are all supposed to be guardians of God's creation.
But I would never really FIGHT for that. I have papers to write.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10:19PM - Three random things:

1. I had a very pleasant dream last night about cuddling with my favorite Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, which kept me in a good mood through four classes and a 4 1/2 hour dry tech rehearsal for our musical. Hey, whatever works, I guess. I have included a visual aid:

2. Today is the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's death. This saddens me immensely on a deep personal level that I still haven't figured out.

3. The other day, my friend Lauren gave me a book called "The Art of The Hunchback of Notre Dame", which details all the conceptual art, etc. that went into Disney's movie, which she found at a book sale. This was probably the best spontaneous gift I've ever recieved.

It's been a long week. This upcoming week with tech and dress rehearsals and our opening on Wednesday is going to be even longer, and I of course have boatloads of work to do, but I'm generally pretty happy right now. :) God is great!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Aaaaaaand I'm sick. During a show. AGAIN. Thinking this may become a yearly tradition.

Of course, this time I'm actually in the show and have to perform, which is brilliant. Le sigh.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12:14PM - Writer's Block: You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

Are there any classic holiday movies or TV shows that you look forward to watching year after year? What are your all-time favorites? Are there any you simply can't stand?

The Santa Clause with Tim Allen is my all-time favorite! Just watched it the other day with the fam. Still need to watch the Jim Carrey Grinch, I love that one too. And I really don't understand all the hype over Elf, I wasn't that impressed.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9:50PM - Blah.

Okay, so I didn't send that to him. I caved. I'm seeing him on Friday for breakfast, then he's coming to my voice final...I thought I would be nice in inviting him, especially since his rugby friend is in it as well.

Because I figured, hey, he's leaving for good and he obviously misses me, so I might as well let him go out on a friendly note. I can just ignore him and work him out of my life once he's no longer in the country.

But guess what?! HE'S COMING BACK! Grrrrr. At least it's not to this area, just somewhere in New York. I suppose I can deal with that. As long as he's away from this campus.

I need a serious distraction from this. Why can't you just come along now, my Someone, and release me from the Irish boy? Le sigh.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

2:04PM - What I want to tell him. What I need to tell him. First draft.

I'm toying with the idea of sending this to him. It says everything I need to say, and I know I'd get flustered or forget stuff if I tried to do it in person.

"Here’s the thing, Cathal. You may think that we can still hang out alone together and just be friends, and I wish that we could. But every time I see you, all the old feelings come back and I end up feeling miserable. Maybe you can’t tell, and then I guess I’m a good actress. But I think you can tell sometimes, and I’m sorry if it made you feel bad. I’m sorry, I don’t want to seem mean. I was trying really hard to make it work up to Metamorphoses, but I can‘t do it.

I’ve just been too emotionally affected by you overall. For example, I don’t count it as a good sign that I get nervous every time I enter the library at night thinking you might be there, both hoping and dreading that you‘re there.

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever actually been in love before, so I don’t really know what it’s like. But to be perfectly frank, I think I may have fallen in love with you to some degree, and that’s not good. Do you understand how much it hurts to be even a little bit in love with someone, and to know that you can always only be friends? I still have that hope that something will finally happen between us, which according to you, it can’t. Add on top of that that someone continuing to ask to see them, keeping that hope alive…and it hurts A LOT. And if I have the opportunity to stay away from you to avoid that hurt, I will take it.

You’re a really sweet guy and I hope one day we can have a healthy friendship, but it just isn’t good for me right now and I need to look out for myself. I need to do what’s best for me. I need complete time off from you, even if you’re leaving at the end of this semester. You’ll go back to Ireland, find someone, and you’ll be fine. I’ll be fine here. Although, from what I saw from a random comment to a friend of yours on Facebook, you might be coming back. Maybe we could talk again sometime then.

Maybe this seems dramatic or over the top to you, but it’s what I’m feeling and what you need know in order to understand my avoidance of you. I sincerely thank you for supporting me through a lot of hard stuff these last two years and coming to see shows and such. Please take care of yourself, and remember our faith is what makes us strong. I'll be praying for you."

Or maybe I should just keep ignoring him. :/ Opinions?

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Friday, November 27, 2009

1:49PM - Random Angry Post.


I'm in so much physical pain right now. Ribs, why do you hate me?

PS. A note to Mr. O'Riordan, which he will probably never read, which is good:
Dumb boys.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


So I guess I should be glad I've got nothing interesting to say anymore during late-night girly conferences on the woes of boys. Drama's no good. I'm getting better at letting stuff go, I think.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6:55PM - Writer's Block: When I Was Young

What do you miss most about being a kid?

The old Nickelodeon, being able to do nothing during the summer and not feel like I'm wasting my life, and going trick or treating on Halloween.

Of course, I still do that now if I can, haha!

Update entry on my internship coming soon, girls! I'm having an AWESOME time. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009



One other thing about 'Star Trek'-for ONCE, the semi-charming badass did NOT end up with the girl. The calm, sensitive (sort of) man of intelligence did! YYYYYYEAH!! I <3 Spock.

[And yes, I did edit this, because I found out that Kirk and Uhura DO get together in the original show- but Kirk wasn't a semi-charming badass in that, he was a much more dignified person, apparently. So it's okay. Sorry, I'm a stickler for correct fictional-pairing-details.)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

8:29PM - A lengthy STAR TREK freakout. Because I'm bored and it's been a while since I've seen a good movie.

STAR TREK SPOILERS!!! STAR TREK SPOILERS!!!!! Do not read if you want to maintain the suspense!!!

................They're coming!

................Very soon!

................Last chance to turn back!

...............I AM SO SERIOUS!

Warned you. Okay, so I wasn't able to say all I wanted to on Facebook because really long statuses annoy me, but I can write as much as I want here, so I will.

LOVED IT! Now THERE was a movie I could pay $9 for and not feel the least bit cheated. I wasn't really expecting too too much, since I'm not big on science fiction of that kind. I never really fell in love with 'Star Wars' (you all know my faithful franchise), and I never even tried 'Star Trek.' And I'm kind of happy I hadn't, just because I heard from people who love it that they were pissed off and confused for the first hour of the movie, before things were explained later on. I knew from previous reviews that it was some sort of alternate reality thing, but I knew nothing of the series itself. That was the great thing about the movie, first of all- you didn't have to be a Trekkie in any sense to enjoy it immensely. Everything you needed to know just unfolded in front of your eyes as a stand-alone storyline, as rooted as it ended up being in the original story. So that made me really happy.

I thought it was very well-told, the visuals were great (the space battles especially), I could never take my eyes off the screen it was that riveting (I really had to pee, but I didn't leave!) and the acting, the ACTING, the ACTING!!!!!! Again, when they can revive an old classic with new actors that skillfully, that is a wonderful thing. The casting department deserves a big shiny gold medal for their work. Let's break down my favorite actors so I can squee over them properly:

Chris Pine as Kirk: A really good choice! He was, of course, the quintissential badass, which I've never had much of a taste for, but he did a great job with it. Nice eyes. He had good connection with everyone, Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto especially (more on HIM later, believe me), although his accent went in and out sometimes. And his screams of terror were always hilarious to listen to, Bre and I were dying during the ice monster scene!

Eric Bana as Nero: I haven't seen Eric Bana in too too much, so I didn't know his talent too well beforehand, but I thought he did a good job. Very evil. Nice and tortured and stuff.

Zoe Saldana as Uhura: I still hear "you STOLE my BOAT!" from Pirates every time I see her, but she was great! Very sassy with Chris, which worked well, and her emotional scene in the elevator with Zachary was wonderful (as I said, more on HIM later!!). Aside from the fact that I react like a crazy person to, like, EVERYTHING in a movie, that scene definitely dampened my eyes a bit.

Anton Yelchin as Chekhov: First off, love the fact that his real first name is Anton and his fake name is Chekhov = Anton Chekhov! Psychological gesture and 'The Cherry Orchard', y'all! But anyway, he was ADORABLE! Such a cutie, he made me smile every time I saw him. And his sadness when he couldn't save Spock's mommy was heartwrenching.

Simon Pegg as Scotty: I LOVE SCOTTISH PEOPLE AND THEIR ACCENTS!! Ahem, excuse me. That always has to come first. In other news, he was great, a good lift at the end of the movie after planets were blowing up and mommies were dying. Sniff. A wonderful actor as well.

Karl Urban as Bones: Loved hearing a Southern accent coming out of Eomer's mouth, haha! He was great, good chemistry with Chris. Wish I could have gotten to see a few more, I dunno, tender moments. He was really excited alot, which was fine, but I felt he was a bit 1D at times. Loved seeing him though.

And finally, we have Zachary Quinto as Spock!!!: AHHHHHH! Sorry. Had to get that initial reaction out. First of all, they did a perfect job finding a look-alike to Mr. Nimoy, which I didn't care too much about since I don't know 'Star Trek', but it helped with the illusion.

Secondly (he's getting his own paragraph, this is a big deal), this entire movie was very inspiring to me- it re-emphasized to me the desire I have to be part of a big, intelligent and entertaining film project like that someday- but it was Zachary who reminded me of why I want to strive to be a great actor. This guy was awesome. He maintained his Vulcan-expressionless character trait very well while still being truthful and communicating emotion, and then, when the human side of him had to emerge, well, HOOOOOLD UP there!! He and Chris hit the big time for me during their close-up confrontation that drove him to snap and beat the crap out of him. The elevator scene he had with Zoe that I mentioned earlier was really beautiful, because you could see the emotion he wanted to release, you could see it RIGHT THERE, but it just couldn't come out. "I need...everyone to continue acting admirably." EEEEE! It was a great struggle! Then once he had resigned (the line where he did that, right after nearly KILLING Chris, was heartbreaking), that emotion began to play into his actions more, during the conversation with his dad and his dealings with Chris. It was just really great, inspiring stuff, I loved him.

And this movie I think holds the record for my Absolute-Loudest-Movie-Theatre-Gasp. As I said, I react like a crazy person.

So yeah! It's a wonderful movie on so many points, I can't think of much I didn't like about it. Go see it if you have a chance before it leaves theatres! It's one I may buy once it comes out, and I don't buy many movies. YAY 'STAR TREK' and the entire cast and crew! <3

[In other news, things are fine. Only one more week of work before my internship, which is exciting and SCARY, but I'll be okay. I'm excited for our dinner on Thursday! Love you all!]

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


So the world is dissolving into chaos and our economy is dying, I'm still managing to do what I love! This has been an awesome couple of weeks....I'm thinking this semester is my absolute favorite so far! I've been keeping far away from my last crazy boy situation in order to get over it, which has freed me up SOOOO much, Reefer Madness was the most fun I've ever had onstage AND Angela got to share it with us, classes are going well, the wedding was absolutely amazing, I just got cast in a musical scene directed by a good friend from Reefer, I'm excited for my internship this summer, I don't think my well-paying summer job has been cut yet, AND!!!
I decided before registering for classes yesterday that I would be a Creative Writing minor! WHEEE! I am so excited, I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. I love writing and now I get to take classes for it!
...hopefully that won't suddenly make me hate it. Haha, I don't think so.

So yeah, life is good. Just rollin' with it. And now I have to go deal with the less happy side called term papers and other work, but that comes with the college bit, I guess. Miss you all! <3

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is going to be a completely out of control crazy stressful exciting weekend.

YAYYYYYY REEFER MADNESS! And Angela surprised us with another visit from London! Yay!

Wish you could all come see me be a zombie/angel/pot-crazed sex maniac! :)

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Monday, March 9, 2009

8:00PM - Writer's Block: Almost Famous

What celebrity do you think looks like you? What celebrity do other people say you look like?

I get Kirsten Dunst from certain angles.

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